The only 9 tablets you need to know

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Published on: November 19, 2012

It’s the year of the tablet but which one do you get? We boil down the options to help you make a decision.

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iPad with Retina
Starting at $499 (16GB Wi-Fi)

Still the standard bearer for the world of tablets, the iPad’s beautiful new Retina display and robust app library makes it hard to beat.

Source: Apple


Nexus 10
Starting at $399 (16GB Wi-Fi)

Google’s answer to the iPad, the Samsung-manufactured Nexus 10 is a powerful standout tablet with a beautiful screen and fine lines.

Source: Google


iPad mini
Starting at $329 (16GB Wi-Fi)

The long awaited and constantly rumored miniature iPad is finally here, but with its price and the lack of a Retina display makes it a hard swallow compared more value-oriented competitors. If you’ve got money to burn and are committed to the Apple ecosystem however, it’s a no-brainer.


Source: Apple


Nexus 7
Starting at $199 (16GB Wi-If)

Google beat Apple to the punch in the smaller tablet space with the Acer-made 7-inch Nexus and it looks to be a winner. Fast, elegant and priced to move, it’s the perfect tablet for those looking for something more portable.

Source: Google


Kindle Fire HD
Starting at $199 (16GB Wi-Fi)

With its low price and unfussy experience, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is a great value for fans of Amazon’s ecosystem.


Nook HD
Starting at $199 (8GB Wi-Fi)

Barnes and Noble’s 7-inch tablet has the best screen in its class but you’ll have to make do with half the memory (the 16GB model costs $229).



Source: Barnes and Noble


Surface RT
Starting at $499 (32GB Wi-Fi)

Microsoft’s first tablet is a gamechanger that blurs the line between tablet and PC, but it’s an edgy gamble that has its share of lovers and haters. If you’re looking for something a little more versatile than the iPad, the Surface RT could be your ticket. It will cost you though: the nifty Touch cover will run you another $119.

Source: Microsoft


Galaxy Note 10.1
Starting at $499 (16GB Wi-Fi)

Samsung’s 10-inch Note is a tad expensive considering the competition, but if you’re in the market for stylus support, this is the tablet for you.

Source: Samsung


Transformer Pad Infinity
Starting at $499 (32GB Wi-Fi)

This Asus offering everything you want in a tablet: a great screen and powerful internals. The kicker? It turns into a laptop (the keyboard dock comes standard).

Source: Asus


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