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I was thrilled when I located an apple iphone 6 on for just £75 (regarding $100 or AU$140). But that preliminary luster subsided a touch when I figured out the battery had actually matured to the factor where the software program strangled its efficiency. But rather than abandoning the phone as well as obtaining customer’s sorrow, I determined to acquire a substitute battery as well as devices from iFixit to attempt changing the battery myself.

After a hr of job, I switched out the battery as well as the apple iphone 6 was running completely once again. I’m not offering detailed guidelines right here — head to iFixit as well as get a set if that’s what you desire — yet I do intend to offer my experiences, consisting of exactly how very easy it was to do, as well as ideally respond to several of the inquiries you might have if you likewise require a brand-new battery.

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Note that any kind of upkeep you do by yourself gadgets is done totally at your very own danger.

1. Why do you require to change an apple iphone battery?

Batteries age gradually, as well as thinking about that the apple iphone 6 was launched 6 years back, it was not a surprise that the one I purchased had not been running in prime problem. One time, the phone all of a sudden rebooted while being used, as well as it blinked a caution discussion that checked out, “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.” Even the phone itself understood it had a bottom battery.

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In short, a phone’s efficiency can be strangled if it can no more deal with power needs. There is the choice to transform strangling off, yet this will certainly lead to even more regular collisions. Neither scenario is excellent, so a battery substitute felt like a clever method onward for me. 


Opening up my apple iphone 6.

Andrew Hoyle/TNE

2. How a lot does a substitute apple iphone battery price?

The issue with my scenario especially was that I purchased the phone for so little to begin with that investing even more cash on a battery substitute solution negated several of those preliminary financial savings. Apple’s main substitute solution expenses £49 ($49), which is majority the cost of my apple iphone 6 I purchased. Being in the center of the coronavirus lockdown likewise suggested that reaching an Apple shop isn’t actually a choice, as well as sending it in via the mail would certainly bring the overall price to £56.44.

iFixit, nevertheless, offers a Do It Yourself substitute pack for £35 (consisting of shipping to my house in Scotland). It sets you back $30 in the United States as well as with delivery expenses that concerns $37.96. It’s not a significant conserving over Apple’s main substitute, yet every little aids. 

3. What is available in the iFixit battery repair set?

iFixit’s set includes a third-party substitute battery that is not from Apple, because Apple does not offer its components individually. It likewise has all the devices required to open up the phone as well as eliminate the old battery. The just extra point I required was a hairdryer to warm up as well as eliminate the adhesive.

4. Does changing a battery gap your phone service warranty? 

Opening up an apple iphone will certainly invalidate the service warranty, yet if your battery is matured to the factor that it requires changing, chances are you’re currently out of the 12-month service warranty duration. 


Prying the old battery out was complicated, as well as I had not been constantly certain I was doing it securely.

Andrew Hoyle/TNE

5. Is it risk-free to change your apple iphone battery on your own? 

This one isn’t so uncomplicated to respond to. iFixit’s overview provides extremely comprehensive guidelines on the actions entailed, yet there were a number of factors that made me anxious. One action entailed home heating up the rear of the phone with a hair clothes dryer in order to loosen up the adhesive holding the old battery in position. 

Specifically, it kept in mind that the warmth be “slightly too warm to touch comfortably,” which I located a little unclear. Especially because that area likewise alerted that “overheating the iPhone may ignite the battery.” But exactly how warm is as well warm? What indicators would certainly I see if it’s overheating? I might not discover this details, and also therefore had not been as well certain exactly how near to overheating I might have been.

Shortly after, while attempting to tear out the old battery, I unintentionally tore right into what appeared like the black twisting around that battery. I was quite certain that the battery itself had not been penetrated — there was no smoke or hissing — yet I’d have actually really felt a great deal much more comfy if I had “emergency” guidelines available regarding what to do if the battery did stir up. 

6. Can I change my apple iphone battery myself?

Up to a factor, yes, as well as I’m not usually “handy” in a Do It Yourself feeling. iFixit’s guidelines were very easy to adhere to, as well as there were just 7 interior screws to eliminate, which were very easy to change. 


The apple iphone 6, old battery eliminated as well as all traces of the adhesive wiped.

Andrew Hoyle/TNE

What I located a little complicated was that iFixit’s guidelines on its websites end at the factor where you eliminate the old battery. The just direction in the verdict was to adhere to the previous action in reverse order. Admittedly, that had not been specifically tough to do, yet I would certainly have valued much more assistance then. 

One concern I encountered separately from iFixit was that, throughout the elimination of the display, I fractured the display guard that remained in location. I discovered the hairline splits as well as was stressed that I’d harmed the display screen itself, yet the good news is that was unhurt.


With its brand-new battery, this apple iphone 6 ought to be performing at optimum degree once again.

Andrew Hoyle/TNE

7. Is it worth changing an apple iphone battery?

It actually relies on the age as well as worth of your phone. If, like me, you purchased an economical made use of apple iphone as well as simply intend to obtain it back up to speed up, after that it’s a wonderful method to rejuvenate old technology without investing a lot of money. Bear in mind, however, that this had not been mosting likely to be my major phone, neither did I acquire it with my very own cash. For me, the danger was reduced as well as had I done it incorrect as well as wrecked the phone, it would not have actually been a huge issue. You’ll require to think about whether you actually can handle without it, simply in instance the most awful takes place.

If you’re making use of a much more current tool, like an apple iphone X ($900 at Boost Mobile), for instance, I’d possibly simply take it straight to Apple. The financial savings you’ll receive from doing it on your own aren’t so terrific regarding validate the prospective price of harming a better mobile.