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I had high wish for the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones phones entering into our decline examination, despite the fact that Galaxy phones have not been one of the most long lasting in our previous examinations. The S21, S21 Plus as well as S21 Ultra‘s rounded screens aren’t as noticable as previous designs as well as all the displays are covered in the best Gorilla Glass. But allow’s simply state my hopes confirmed confident, as well as if you’re taking into consideration going case-less with your brand-new Galaxy S21, you might intend to keep reading. 

While the 3 Galaxy S21 phones might look comparable, the backs are all constructed from various products. The S21 Plus as well as Ultra have glass on either side, while the rear of the normal S21 is constructed from plastic. Because this distinction can influence the toughness of the phone, we made a decision to examine out both the $1,200 (£1,149, AU$1,849) Galaxy Ultra as well as the $800 (£769, AU$1,249) Galaxy S21 at the same time.


Chris Parker/TNE

A great deal of variables enter into the toughness of the display, consisting of the form as well as density of the glass the producer chooses to utilize. We understand from our previous Note 20 Ultra decline examination that also the best Gorilla Glass Victus is no suit for sidewalk, with the display breaking on the 2nd decline from hip elevation. But that does not imply the S21’s display will certainly share the exact same destiny: The 2 have various styles as well as the thick steel casing securing the electronic camera looks stronger than the all-glass component on previous Galaxy phones. 

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For our decline examination, TNE Senior Video Producer Chris Parker went down a brand-new phantom violet Galaxy S21 as well as phantom black Galaxy S21 Ultra onto a concrete pathway. 

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Drop 1: Pocket elevation (3 feet), display side down

The decline from pocket or hip elevation is just one of one of the most usual sources of fractured displays, particularly if your phone arrive at a harsh surface area like a pathway. We begin all our examinations at this elevation. 


The fractured display of the Samsung Galaxy S21 after the very first decline from hip elevation. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21: Broken display

The leading left hand edge of the phone opposite the electronic camera struck the ground initially, after that the lower edge hit, after that the whole best side of the phone. This created it to get better up a little bit as well as land screen-side-down on the flooring.

The lower left hand edge of the glass had actually smashed with a couple of bigger fractures stemming outside from the factor of effect consisting of a large dome-shaped one going through the center of the display. 


The S21 Ultra after the very first decline from hip-height: one tiny split on top. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21 Ultra: A tiny split 

The preliminary effect of the decline appeared to be dispersed reasonably equally as the phone struck the flooring, with the leading side of the display striking the pathway simply a little bit earlier than the remainder. It after that leapt back right into the air, turned about as well as landed screen-side-up. 

The leading side of the steel framework on the S21 Ultra had what resembled silver sand bits where the paint was scuffed, however the display looked OK. That is, till we saw a small split on the leading left-hand edge of the phone. It was tiny sufficient that it most likely would not trouble you if you maintained utilizing the phone, however it was harmed however as well as not the optimal situation after simply one decline.

Drop 2: Pocket elevation (3 feet), rear end down 

To examination the toughness of the back, Chris went down the phones from the exact same elevation with the display dealing with up. We undoubtedly weren’t anticipating the plastic back on the S21 to damage, however we wished to see what type of damages it would certainly sustain as well as just how the electronic camera would certainly stand up to the autumn. 


The rear of the Samsung Galaxy S21 had a couple of small scrapes after the 2nd decline from hip-height. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21: Minor scrapes

The leading fifty percent of the phone struck the ground initially, after that the lower side creating it to enter the air as well as finish a number of turns prior to touchdown back on the pathway with the rear end dealing with up. 

Save for a couple of small scrapes under, there was hardly any type of damages on the plastic back cover, as we anticipated.

The electronic camera was additionally healthy, without noticeable damages to the component or any one of its 3 lenses, which are sculpted right into the steel covering. Unlike previous Galaxy designs where the whole electronic camera bump is covered in glass, the component on the S21 is mainly metal as well as just the lenses are glass.


The damaged rear of the Galaxy S21 Ultra after the 2nd decline from hip elevation. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21 Ultra: Shattered back

The phone struck the flooring nearly level, jumped a little bit as well as turned on its side creating it to land with its back dealing with up. 

The glass back on the S21 Ultra really did not endure. It had several cracks originating from the lower left hand edge as well as adding the whole rear of the phone as well as a couple of loosened items of glass coming off the edge where it struck.

The electronic camera component on the various other hand made it through reasonably untouched, besides a pair tiny dings on the steel covering.

Drop 3: 6 feet rear end down (S21), display side down (S21 Ultra) 

Both phones were fractured at this moment, however we made a decision to drop them one last time on the side which had actually received the least quantity of damages. 


The rear of the Galaxy S21 received marginal damages after 3 decreases with simply a couple of scrapes on the steel covering. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21: Scuffs on the electronic camera component

The weight of the electronic camera component have to figure in in the touchdown, due to the fact that this is what damaged the autumn yet once again. With the electronic camera striking initially, the phone after that jumped on the contrary side as well as did a couple of turns airborne prior to clearing up screen-side-up on the flooring. 

As anticipated, the rear of the phone was still healthy, however with some much more noticable scrapes in the direction of all-time low. The leading left hand edge of the steel electronic camera component, which damaged the autumn, additionally had obvious scrapes. But the lenses continued to be undamaged. 


The smashed front of the Galaxy S21 Ultra after a decrease from 6 feet. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Galaxy S21 Ultra: Completely smashed display

The phone landed nearly entirely level, jumped up a little bit and afterwards struck the flooring once again encounter initially.

The small split on the leading edge increased right into a whole internet of fractures covering nearly the whole front of the phone. Some were deep adequate to pass through the display as well as black out component of the OLED panel. The display still reacted to touch, however there were small fragments of glass coming off it, so you would not have actually wished to maintain utilizing it, despite having a display guard ahead. The fractures on the back had actually additionally remained to expand, though they weren’t virtually as negative as the ones on the front. 

A consultation

Allstate Protection Plans carried out a comparable decline examination on all 3 Galaxy S21 designs with comparable outcomes. The displays smashed after the very first decline (in this instance from 6 feet). The rear end of the S21 Plus as well as S21 Ultra additionally smashed after the 2nd decline from the exact same elevation (rear end down).

The failure

While our examinations are never clinical as well as your outcomes might be entirely various if you drop your phone, our Galaxy S21 as well as Galaxy S21 Ultra fractured on the very first decline, which was frustrating. The S21 has a side over the Ultra as the back most likely will not recover cost if you drop it several times. But you’ll still require to place a situation on it to secure the display as well as I’d take into consideration purchasing a display guard as an included layer of security as fixing the S21’s display begins at $200. The positive side is that the electronic camera components on both phones, which are much more pricey to fix, appear to be stronger than in previous components many thanks to the brand-new steel covering. 

We connected to Samsung for talk about our outcomes, however did not listen to back at magazine time.