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Apple has actually covered its brand-new apple iphone 12 with a new sort of glass called “ceramic shield,” which it states is the most difficult glass ever before on a smart device. Every year Apple makes a comparable insurance claim regarding its glass, however this time around might be various since this is no regular glass. While it might feel and look precisely like glass, the ceramic guard covering the displays is, as the name recommends, a mix of glass as well as ceramic (which is more difficult than a lot of steels). It’s an absolutely brand-new cover product for the apple iphone, as well as it differs anything we have actually ever before examined prior to. 

And screening it is precisely what we did. To discover exactly how this brand-new product stands up to the components, we placed 2 apple iphone 12s with a couple of scrape as well as decline examinations. And as it ends up, this brand-new glass is exceptionally resilient. (This competitor states its display is 3 times more difficult than Apple’s ceramic guard.)

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apple iphone 12: Breaking down the glass

The ceramic guard just covers the front — the display — of the apple iphone 12. The back is covered with the exact same glass as in 2015’s apple iphone 11, which Apple states is the most difficult in the market. Both kinds of glass are made by Corning. 

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The glass on the apple iphone 11 (left) contours up, while the glass on apple iphone 12 (right) is flush with the framework. 

Vanessa Hand Orellana/TNE

Aside from the glass, the various other element that might contribute in exactly how well this phone stands up to declines is the layout. The glass on the apple iphone 12 exists flush with the steel framework as opposed to bent up like in previous versions which left even more of the glass revealed. Apple states that layout option alone will certainly make the back as well as front two times as resilient as older versions. 

All 4 versions of the apple iphone 12 (apple iphone 12 Mini, apple iphone 12, apple iphone 12 Pro as well as apple iphone 12 Max) have the exact same ceramic guard on the display as well as the exact same sort of glass on the back. The just distinction in products is the framework. The 2 Pros have a stainless-steel framework, while the Mini as well as the 12 are light weight aluminum. The efficiency of the framework might differ relying on the product, however the glass must provide the exact same sort of security throughout the board. For our examinations we utilized the routine apple iphone 12 in blue as well as eco-friendly. 

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Scratch 1: It made it through the pocket/purse tumble 

For the very first examination, I placed the apple iphone 12 in a tiny make-up bag with a few of the usual perpetrators that scratch our phones: a collection of secrets, a six quarters as well as a metal pen. I drank the bag intensely for regarding 30 secs to replicate what occurs after a couple of weeks of jumping around in a bag or pocket prior to checking it.

After cleaning the phone down with a fabric, I could not locate a solitary scrape on the glass or the framework of the apple iphone 12.  

Click on the video clip listed below to see the arise from the scrape as well as decline examinations.

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apple iphone 12: How hard is the glass?

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Scratch 2: No scrapes on the display after moving on floor tile

Next, I wished to see exactly how the display would certainly stand up if it was available in call with a tough surface area like a marble table, kitchen area counter or restroom flooring. I glided the apple iphone 12 to and fro 10 times on a distinctive ceramic floor tile, initially along the display, after that on the back of the phone. 

The display had a proposal of particles from the floor tile, however after cleansing it off I had a hard time to locate any kind of noticeable damages to the glass. Testing the rear of the phone was harder. The elevated electronic camera component does not permit the phone to lay level on its back, so I did a couple of slides with the phone at an angle. This really did not harm the glass, however it created a few of the metal paint on the framework around the lower electronic camera to abrade. It was hardly recognizable as well as the lenses themselves were still in excellent problem. Then I did it once more with the electronic camera component hanging off the side of the floor tile. After checking the back very closely, I lastly handled to construct 2 tiny scrapes, one on the silver Apple logo design, as well as an additional right listed below it on heaven glass. Both were thinner than a hair of great hair as well as regarding a quarter of an inch long.


The 2 small scrapes on the back of the apple iphone 12 that arised from moving it on flooring ceramic tile. The display appeared remarkable. 

Vanessa Hand Orellana/TNE

Scratch 3: Rubbing it on sandpaper made a mark

Having passed both scrape examinations with flying shades, I made a decision to carry out another (severe) examination on this apple iphone 12: scrubing with 80-grit sandpaper. This is most likely the real-world matching of moving your phone throughout a driveway or pathway, which ideally will not take place frequently. 

I massaged the phone to and fro throughout the sandpaper 10 times on either side, using light stress. This time, both sides of the phone were scratched up. The display had one of the most damages, with lines running flat with the center of the phone. A few of them were deep sufficient to pity my finger nail, however it was still in functioning problem. The rear of the phone has dramatically much less damages, once more due to the security supplied by the elevated electronic camera component, however it still had noticeable scrapes in the facility as well as on the reduced sides. The metal coating on the lens structures had actually remained to peel, however the lenses themselves were still scratchless. 


Vanessa Hand Orellana/TNE

Scratching the phone endangers the glass as well as makes it a whole lot more probable to damage throughout a loss, so my associate, TNE Managing Producer Chris Parker, utilized an additional new apple iphone 12 for our decline examinations onto the pathway. 

Drop 1: 3 feet, display side down

One of the extra usual times you could drop your phone is when you’re placing it in as well as out of your pocket. While going down a phone from hip elevation can be safe, if it arrive at the road or pathway, you’re most likely to wind up with a busted display.

When went down from hip elevation, the top of the apple iphone 12 struck the ground initially, after that all-time low. Then it jumped airborne once again prior to touchdown level on the pathway, display side down as meant.  

The light weight aluminum framework had a couple of damages around the sides of the phone, however absolutely nothing severe. 

Drop examination 2: 3 feet, rear end down 

Next, Chris did the exact same decline, however this time around with the rear of the phone encountering the ground. 

The apple iphone 12 appears to be top-heavy: It landed practically in the precise very same method as it did previously, with the top (where the electronic camera component is) striking initially, after that all-time low. Finally it landed rear end down on the pathway. 

The major distinction on this decline was the audio when it landed, a louder thud than previously. Sure sufficient, once we transformed it over, we saw the lower fifty percent of the phone was damaged. The side really felt a little bit harsh to the touch, primarily from the damages on the framework, however there weren’t any kind of fragments diminishing the rear of the phone, as well as it still really felt smooth in spite of the fractures. 

With the back broken, we tightened our declines to the display just. 


The 2nd decline from hip elevation damaged the back glass of our apple iphone 12. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Drop 3: 6 feet, 6 inches, display side down

This has to do with as high as Chris can go down the phone without requiring a ladder.

The leading left hand edge of the display, opposite the electronic camera component, struck initially, after that the ideal side, after that the left till it turned on its back, touchdown display side up. The most recognizable damage got on the leading where it struck initially as well as it practically appeared like it had actually created  a split in the display right where it satisfied the steel framework. But after scrubing it off we recognized it was simply metal deposit from the framework as well as the glass was still in excellent form. 


The light weight aluminum framework on the apple iphone 12 taken in the force of the autumn from 6 feet. 

Chris Parker/TNE

Drop 4, 5 as well as 6: 9 feet decline, display side down

With the display still holding solid, we made a decision to go also greater, making use of an action ladder to get to 9 feet. Again this is not a practical decline unless you take place to glide your phone off a 2nd flooring terrace, however we wished to see exactly how much we can take it.

At 9 feet it ended up being also more difficult to regulate the touchdown. While Chris was intending to drop it level on the display, the apple iphone 12 had a mind of its very own as well as landed in practically the precise very same method as the previous six-foot decline. With the leading right-hand edge of the display striking the ground initially, after that jumping off the left side as well as touchdown display side up. 

The damage on the leading right-hand side of the framework obtained much deeper, however the display made it through yet once more. 

We duplicated this decline 2 even more times wishing it would certainly at some time land level on its face, however the weight of the electronic camera made it hard for it to land at that angle, particularly at that elevation. The apple iphone 12 lastly landed with the display down on the last decline, however just since it jumped off the side of the patio action. The framework had a couple of even more bumps as well as contusions, however the display still appeared like brand-new after 3 back-to-back declines from 9 feet. The just method up from there would certainly’ve been to climb up on the roofing system or lease a scissor lift, which we weren’t precisely prepared to do. 


The display of our apple iphone 12 made it through without a split after we dropped it on the pathway 6 times.

Chris Parker/TNE

Let’s simplify

Because our examinations aren’t clinical, we can not claim for sure that the display is more powerful than any kind of various other phone on the market, however we can absolutely claim that our apple iphone 12 was exceptionally hard to split (as well as scrape) also on floor tile as well as pathway.

The rear of the apple iphone 12, nonetheless, does not appear to have the exact same decline resistance superpower as the display. And while you might really feel comfy utilizing this phone without a display guard, we — as well as Apple — suggest making use of the apple iphone 12 or apple iphone 12 Pro with an instance, as obtaining the display or back changed without AppleTreatment Plus protection sets you back anywhere from $279 to $549 relying on the repair service. 

In a declaration to TNE, Apple stated, “iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro represent the biggest jump in durability ever on iPhone … iPhone 12 models have gone through rigorous real-world testing and are designed to be durable, but not indestructible. If anyone is concerned about dropping their iPhone and damaging it, we suggest using one of the many beautiful cases available to protect iPhone.” 

We later on performed the exact same decline examination on an apple iphone 12 Mini which created extremely comparable outcomes: the back damaged, however the Ceramic Shield made it through numerous declines from 9 feet.