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We understand the apple iphone 12 can take care of spills as well as sprinkles, however Apple might be minimizing simply exactly how waterproof this phone truly is. The apple iphone 12’s IP68 score indicates it can endure as much as 19.6 feet (6 meters) of water for half an hour. This relates to all 4 apple iphone 12 designs: the apple iphone 12, apple iphone 12 Mini, apple iphone 12 Pro as well as apple iphone 12 Pro Max. But we found that like its precursor, Apple’s latest apple iphone can take care of a good deal more. Both of the apple iphone 11 designs much went beyond the main score, making it through a 39-foot dive in seawater in Monterey Bay, California. This year we took a new apple iphone 12 for a swim in the cold fresh water of Lake Tahoe, beyond of the Golden State, to examine it out.

Teaming up with Mission Robotics, we placed our apple iphone 12 on the business’s undersea drone, Theseus. The drone can go as deep as 984 feet (300 meters) undersea; the pilot can see the sight from Theseus’ video camera, along with keeping track of deepness as well as water temperature level metrics from a computer system ashore. 

Watch the video clip on this web page for the complete examination as well as to see some impressive undersea video footage from the drone.

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John Kim/TNE

Dive 1: Testing the case (19.6 feet for half an hour)

According to Apple’s assistance web page, you should not deliberately immerse or swim with your apple iphone, or take it to severe temperature levels. But for the objectives of our examination, we wished to press it to the limitations.

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For our initial dive, we wished to examine the IP68 case: 19.6 feet (6 meters) of water for half an hour. From the coast of Lake Tahoe, we placed the apple iphone on a place dealing with the drone’s video camera with the display readied to remain on, so we can see if anything occurred to the apple iphone while it was undersea. 


The apple iphone 12 on Theseus.

John Kim/TNE

The water temperature level in Lake Tahoe at this deepness was 52 levels Fahrenheit (11 levels Celsius).

Once the half an hour were up, we drew the phone out of the water as well as dried it off with a fabric. Then we examined it bent on see if the phone was functioning. The touchscreen was great as well as the quantity rocker functioned as anticipated. All 3 cams (front, ultrawide as well as large) looked clear without proof of fogging as well as the pictures looked regular. We taped a voice memorandum prior to soaking the phone as well as can listen to that after the initial dive the audio speaker appeared a little stifled in contrast, however it’s difficult to inform whether that would certainly’ve enhanced after allowing it dry much longer. Apple’s assistance web page recommends putting the apple iphone’s base as well as Lightning adapter before a follower to aid the drying out procedure. We had various other suggestions, nevertheless.

Dive 2: The severe examination (65 feet)

With the apple iphone 12 functioning as regular, we obtained the drone all set for its 2nd dive in Lake Tahoe. This time, we wished to take the phone to even more severe midsts. We immersed the phone to 65 feet (20 meters) undersea, greater than 3 times the optimum deepness score. The water temperature level at this deepness was 50 levels Fahrenheit (10 levels Celsius).

With the timer working on the apple iphone 12’s display, we can see just how much time had actually expired given that we immersed the phone. Once it struck half an hour, we chose to leave it immersed a bit much longer, simply to see what would certainly take place. We lastly drew the drone out of the water at the 40-minute mark as well as went through the exact same examinations one more time. 


John Kim/TNE

Surprisingly, every little thing functioned as regular. The display was receptive, the quantity as well as power switches functioned, as well as both cams remained in functioning order too. The audio speaker still appeared stifled when repeating the voice memorandum, however it was still distinct.

After cleaning down the apple iphone 12, we powered it down as well as allow it rest for a couple of days to allow it dry entirely. 

The last examination

After allowing it dry for 72 hrs, we wished to do one last examination to see if there had actually been any type of long-lasting damages as an outcome of the severe undersea examination. The phone itself was entirely dry, however its 3 lenses — the ultrawide as well as wide-angle on the back, along with the front video camera — had actually created some fogging.

At this factor the battery had actually additionally entirely drained pipes, so we allowed the phone energize for some time by means of the Lightning port prior to powering it back on. But as soon as we did, the apple iphone 12’s display revealed a Diagnostics trigger. After attempting to survive the Diagnostics trigger a couple of times, we connected the apple iphone 12 right into a MacBook to see if we can reset the gadget. It functioned, however we still could not surpass the Diagnostics displays.

While we have no chance of recognizing specifically what triggered this mistake to take place, it might have been remaining water damages, the change in temperature level in between the cool water of Lake Tahoe to an interior setting, or a mix of both.

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How waterproof is the apple iphone 12?

Our very unscientific examination would certainly recommend that the apple iphone 12 can stand up to extremely deep water as well as plainly fulfills the IP68 case. But, like all electronic devices, it does have a restriction to just how much water it can take as well as you ought to never ever deliberately immerse the phone in water (lake or otherwise). 

As with our earlier water try out the apple iphone 11, your outcomes might differ. Also bear in mind that water damages is not covered under service warranty. We spoken to Apple as well as the business aimed us towards these directions on its assistance web page. Following these standards might boost your apple iphone’s possibilities on the occasion that it does enter call with water or any type of various other sort of fluid.