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    Mortal Kombat Legacy Arcade1Up Cabinet Up For Preorder Now


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    At CES 2021, Arcade1Up disclosed a line of brand-new Legacy closets, and also the one commemorating Mortal Kombat and also traditional Midway is lastly offered for preorder. Unlike Arcade1Up’s common 3/4-scale closets, the Legacy line includes a much more arcade-accurate form, fake coin ports, and also a loads video games. The Mortal Kombat Legacy Arcade1Up closet sets you back $400 and also is offered now from Best Buy. (Update: The listing currently includes a grayed-out switch that claims “Coming Soon.” We recommend watching on the web page for when preorders open back up. We likewise anticipate to see the closet offered from GameStop today.)

    Mortal Kombat Legacy Arcade1Up closet


    The brand-new Mortal Kombat closet includes 12 video games, consisting of Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and also Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The various other 9 video games include Midway standards: Toobin’, Joust, Defender, Rampage, Gauntlet, Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper, Bubbles, and also Wizard of Wor.

    The closet itself includes the initial arcade art for Mortal Kombat II, total with Raiden on the side panels and also lightning going through the joystick and also switches. It’s an advancement of the firm’s very first Mortal Kombat closet, which looked comparable yet with even more rounded sides. It likewise just included the 3 abovementioned Mortal Kombat video games–nothing else Midway standards.

    In enhancement to the brand-new Mortal Kombat Legacy closet, Arcade1Up has a variety of various other items offered for preorder now. The Outrun Arcade1Up closet is offered for $550 and also includes a guiding wheel and also pedal controls, the Pac-Man Legacy closet is up for $400, and also the firm’s very first club table, Pong, is $550.

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