We asked, you informed us: You like OnePlus’ remedy over under-display selfie web cams


OnePlus Nord macro close up of the battery logo

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Over the years, mobile phone manufacturers have actually attempted to conceal the selfie video camera in various areas. We’ve seen whatever from pop-up components to notches of different shapes and sizes, little pinholes, as well as also under-display video camera hoax. However, a lately uncovered OnePlus license revealing a brand-new positioning for the selfie video camera appears to be obtaining a great deal of focus.

Last week, we reported that OnePlus has actually submitted a license for a smart device display screen with a selfie shooter inside its leading bezel. Apart from guaranteeing an interruption-free experience, the OnePlus license additionally kept in mind that the in-bezel video camera would certainly be covered with a clear plate, potentially to make it much more odd as well as undetected.

So we asked you, our viewers, if you favor OnePlus’ most current technique or if you assume under-display cams are the means to go. Here’s just how you enacted our survey.

Do you favor under-display cams or OnePlus’s bezel remedy?


We obtained over 7,400 ballots on our survey concerning OnePlus’ bezel-cam. A bulk of you — 42.8% — favor OnePlus’ remedy over under-display selfie cams. You most likely elected versus the last since the technology is not specifically really trusted today.

A little over 24% of you stated that under-display cams are the means to go. After all, they do use the possibility to eliminate the bezels also.

That stated, virtually the exact same number — 23.5% — of our viewers chose pop-up cams as the most effective, tried-and-tested selfie video camera concealing technique in guide.

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8.9% of the participants believed that all the previously mentioned options misbehave. As per them, there’s reached be a much better location for the selfie shooter.

Your remarks

Wongwatt: Just placed the damn bezels back currently! Sony has actually diminished them to 6mm on the Xperia 1 II with double front-facing audio speakers. It resembles the Xperia 1 III will certainly have also narrower ones. Why do these firms chase after options to an issue that never ever existed? Put…the…bezels…back..!

Paul: I never ever comprehended why individuals wanted to endanger cams, sensing units, sound, pc gaming, as well as functionality simply for the purpose of appearances. But with media websites promptly condemning anything with bezels, it was inescapable, as well as currently we entertain pressing crap options. I still bear in mind the old HTC U11 as well as just how the first customers spurted over the spectacular shades, superb video camera, framework functions, wonderful sound, excellent touch action, as well as the stunning display… up until Michael Fisher did a tirade on the bezels.

Demongornot: With bezels as slim as those in the Meizu 16 or Nubia Red Magic, it is insane individuals still whine concerning it. Literally, there are phones with strike opening or notch that have thicker bezels (primarily the lower one) than the real bezel organizing the video camera on those 2. The OnePlus remedy is simply marketing in different ways the great old bezel however made in a slim means like others currently did. It is still a routine bezel IMO.

Shizuma: Anything that doesn’t include an opening or notch in the display is the most effective remedy, however truthfully, the chasing of the screen-to-body proportion since bothersome customers made a decision to harp on it is meaningless, high slim display screens stuck, also 16:9 is as well high IMO. I’d rather 16:10 or 4:3.

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DAS ALPHAKKA: Pop-Up. I don’t make use of selfie web cams usually, so I’m fairly satisfied with it being stashed up until I require it. There’s still some love in me for the A80’s “flip-over” video camera, however.

Joe Black: Anything that does not damage the display is great.

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