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The Galaxy S21 is available in 3 dimensions and also the situation you select might be partly figured out by the S21 design you have. The front runner S21 Ultra, which has a 6.8-inch display, is the heaviest of the lot and also isn’t a phone you always intend to keep in your hand at all times, which is why I such as utilizing a situation with an incorporated kickstand, so I can prop it up. The very same could be claimed for the smaller sized S21 Plus (6.7-inch display) and also the criterion S21 (6.2 inches), neither of which are small. But everyone has their very own viewpoints concerning phone instances and also everybody has various demands, which is why I’ve consisted of instances in a range of designs, from slimmer designs to a lot more tough instances to folio purse instances.

Note that several of the suggestions for these Galaxy S21 collection instances are based upon my experience utilizing almost similar designs with coming before Galaxy smart devices, along with apples iphone. Where several items are revealed, the cost detailed is the beginning cost for the line. Make certain that you’re purchasing the situation that matches the particular design of your S21 (Ultra, Plus or criterion).

I routinely upgrade this summary with brand-new choices as even more prospects show up. 

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Leading situation manufacturer Speck brings a choice of instances to the Galaxy S21, consisting of (from delegated right in image over) the Presidio Perfect-Clear, Presidio Perfect-Mist, Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre, and also Presidio2 Grip. 

All the brand-new designs have great decrease defense (13 to 16 feet, depending upon the design) along with Speck’s Microban antimicrobial defense. The instances begin at $40 in different shade alternatives, yet Speck is presently supplying 30% off your very first order sitewide.


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If you’re trying to find an economical clear situation for your brand-new Galaxy S21, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid is an excellent worth at around $12 to $15, depending upon the variation you obtain. I such as the Ultra Hybrid S (off duty in image), which has an incorporated kickstand.

No decrease score is detailed for the situation, yet it seems like Spigen’s clear instances supply affordable defense. If you desire a challenging situation with more powerful defense, Spigen’s Tough Armor situation (on right in image) is a choice for $18 to $19 as well as additionally has an incorporated kickstand. Note that a great deal of these less costly clear instances have a routine of transforming yellow and also derogatory with time, that makes them much less clear. But they’re inexpensive sufficient that you most likely will not mind paying out for a substitute if and also when that occurs.


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Samsung’s Clear Standing Cover isn’t anything elegant yet it’s a safety clear situation that has an incorporated kickstand. You can prop your phone up flat or up and down utilizing the kickstand, which appears tough (it’s bigger than Spigen’s incorporated kickstand). I routinely utilize this situation.

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I’ve end up being a current follower of Clckr’s instances, which include an integrated stand and also hold band that folds up out and also clicks right into put on the rear of your phone. Clckr offers simply the stand-strap device to stick on the back of your phone or on a situation, yet the situation with the incorporated stand device is much better. The option for the S21 is presently rather minimal (there’s just a clear variation S21 and also S21 Plus, not the S21 Ultra), yet maybe the alternatives will certainly increase with time.

The instances aren’t tough yet they’re safety sufficient, with elevated sides to shield the display. The ones I’ve utilized with various other phones have actually stood up more than time. 

With the stand clicked in position, you can utilize your gadget hands-free in either picture or landscape setting. Note that you can wirelessly bill your phone with this situation on, though you need to be a lot more cautious concerning putting it in the ideal place on a cordless billing pad for it to function. The brand-new designs have antimicrobial defense.


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The business’s extremely safety Defender collection situation is readily available for all the Galaxy S21 designs, yet most individuals desire something much less large. I such as the Symmetry collection instances — they’re slim with diagonal sides, making them an excellent mix of smooth and also safety. That claimed, I’ve involve such as the a lot more safety Commuter Series much better, many thanks to the holds it carries the back and also sides, along with having actually elevated sides on the front that need to aid shield your display.


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British case-maker Gear4, currently possessed by Zagg, makes instances that are right there with OtterBox and also Speck. They’re all lined with the business’s D3O shock-absorbing product and also attribute beveled sides to shield your phone. Shown right here from delegated right are the Havana (10-foot decrease defense), Denali (16-foot decrease defense), Crystal Palace (13-foot decrease defense) and also Copenhagen (13-foot decrease defense). All utilize some recycled plastic in their building, yet the Copenhagen, constructed of 52% plant-based product, is one of the most environment-friendly.

Prices array from $30 to $50 for the top-end Denali, which is the Gear4 situation I most likely like finest.


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Particularly with both bigger designs of the Galaxy S21, I discover that having actually an incorporated kickstand is a great attribute and also the ESR kickstand situation has to do with as budget-friendly as you access around $15, the very same cost as Spigen’s Neo Hybrid S.


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David Carnoy/TNE

Cyrill is a sub-brand of Spigen and also like Spigen, its instances usually cost much less than $20. Cyrill does not have fairly the very same option for the Galaxy S21 as it provides for the apple iphone 12, yet it has some safety clear instances with flower layouts (visualized on right), along with the Brick Matte Finish Bumper situation, which has a soft-to-the-touch surface (visualized on left). It has actually an elevated framework on the back that supplies some additional defense for the video camera lenses. The edges of the situation are elevated also.

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Some individuals like to have full-screen defense, so they opt for a folio situation that covers the display. The Strada Via is a brand-new folio situation from Otterbox that has a soft-to-the-touch surface and also remains shut many thanks to a collection of magnets. It’s additionally obtained a port for saving a charge card or more. The just point I really did not such as concerning it is that it does not exchange a kickstand for video clip watching.


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X-Doria has actually brought its Raptic Shield situation to the Galaxy S21 collection. Available in a couple of shade alternatives, it sets you back much less than contending costs instances from Speck and also OtterBox and also has 10-foot decrease defense, along with an antimicrobial therapy. I’m directly keen on X-Doria’s Raptic Air situation (13-foot decrease defense), yet that design isn’t readily available for the Galaxy S21 designs. 


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David Carnoy/TNE

For the Galaxy S21, UK-based Mous makes its Clarity Lite ($55) clear situation with anti-yellowing technology along with its Limitless 3.0 situation ($60), which is available in a couple of various appealing designs (Aramid Fiber is revealed on left). They’re all lined with the AiroShock product that the business states supplies outstanding defense in a slim layout. They do appear sturdy and also all consist of a life time guarantee.

Mous’ Limitless 3.0 instances work with the business’s Limitless 3.0 devices. That consists of a budget that magnetically follows the rear of the phone situation and also a couple of installs, among which is an air-vent install for your auto. 

It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that the Limitless 3.0 instances are the just one I’ve seen that have a SIM-card storage space port on the within the mobile phone situation for global vacationers accustomed to SIM-swapping.

Mous offers 10% off on very first orders via its web site. We anticipate we’ll see these instances on Amazon in the future, maybe with far better prices.


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David Carnoy/TNE

Lifeproof’s Wake situation is constructed of recycled sea plastic. It’s wonderfully made yet I would not call it extremely hard — it isn’t confined near the bottom and also has 6-foot decrease defense. (Note that some instances on this listing have greater drop-protection rankings.) Lifeproof provides $15 off your very first order on its web site. 

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