All Warzone shelter areas for Verdansk ’84


Following the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3, gamers have actually been appreciating the brand-new Verdansk ’84 map, together with every one of its brand-new functions. This is one of the most considerable upgrade Warzone has actually gotten, providing us an overhauled map, brand-new tools, and also great deals of pest solutions throughout the board. Since its launch in 2020, Warzone was house to numerous tricks, most especially its shelters that were spread around the map, calling for a red accessibility card, vital code, or one more approach to get in. Some of them consisted of tricks that connected to the general tradition, while others just had loot that would certainly offer you the advantage throughout a suit.

With the launch of Season 3, you may be questioning if the shelters are still there, and also if so, just how to access them. All of the phoned number shelters (00 to 11) remain in their specific areas as in the past, though you aren’t able to connect with them right now. Likewise, the different shelters that formerly needed a gain access to code are either unattainable or no place to be discovered, such as the concealed space that made use of to be in Farmland (currently changed by the big structure from the Standoff map).

Other elements like the Morse Code made use of to accessibility shelter 11, in addition to the shelters that were included in the future (like at Airport or Military Base), have actually been gotten rid of. For all intents and also objectives, Warzone‘s bunkers have been reset during Season 3 and will likely expand as time goes on (just like last year). For now, you can still visit each main bunker, though you cannot enter them just yet. Still, let’s have a look at which shelters stay and also where to locate them.

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What’s in the shelters?

Previously, shelters would certainly have great deals of loot, consisting of orange and also blue breasts, killstreaks, and also also a chain weapon. Before Season 3, you’d require a red accessibility card to get involved in these shelters, which would arbitrarily generate from an upper body worldwide. As we came close to Season 3‘s release, these red access cards stopped spawning. Now, following the update, you are unable to enter any of these bunkers. If you try to interact with the keypad, it won’t offer you a punctual, showing they’re presently offline.

Though you shouldn’t be stressed, as Warzone is an ever-changing fight royale. It’s most likely Raven Software will certainly carry out a brand-new method to get in these shelters, whether it be using accessibility card, keycode, or Easter egg, like in the past. It’s likewise feasible brand-new shelters will certainly make a look, so maintain your eyes peeled off for future updates.

Once the shelters come, we picture you’ll have the ability to locate loot much like in the past, however there may also be brand-new functions included that represent the overarching story of Black Ops Cold War and also Warzone. For currently, stand by, and also you’ll possibly have the ability to access the shelters quickly.

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Full map of phoned number shelters on Verdansk ’84


Above is a brand-new map of all the shelters that exist throughout Season 3. These are the major shelters that initially kicked points off in Warzone in 2014, and also the good news is, they have actually not been modified by any means (other than the truth that you can’t enter them yet). You’ll discover shelters 02/03 and also 07/08 are appropriate alongside each other, so you’ll wish to bear in mind that when you drop in. Below is a much more in-depth summary of each area.

Bunker 00: South of Promenade West


Bunker 00 lies in the south area of Promenade West. It’s simply listed below a little high cliff that results in the out-of-bounds location. This shelter is very simple to miss out on, so simply see to it you’re complete when trying to find it, and also beware of heading out of bounds or diminishing the high cliff.

Bunker 01: Kart auto racing track


Northwest of the previous shelter, you’ll locate Bunker 01. It’s situated north of the go-kart track after you drop some actions. Look for a smaller sized framework which contains this shelter, somewhat southwest of the Boneyard.

Bunker 02/Bunker 03: Junkyard


Bunkers 02 and also 03 lie right alongside each other. You’ll locate 02 in one more outdoors framework, similar to the last shelter. It’s south of 03 and also southwest of Storage Town. As for Bunker 03, it can be discovered simply somewhat north of 02, in a big structure. Once you get in the structure, head to the right and also fall the ladder to locate Bunker 03.

Bunker 04: Summit


You’ll locate Bunker 04 southeast of Summit (where Dam was formerly situated), to the north of some smaller sized trailers. Unlike the last couple of shelters, this door is appropriate outside, so there’s no demand to seek a bigger structure which contains it. Look for it in the high cliffs.

Bunker 05: Arklov Peak Military Base


The following shelter lies southern of the Military Base, near a radio tower. Again, you’ll locate it outside, similar to Bunker 04, along some high cliffs. This shelter is discovered near a high-traffic location. Be mindful if you prepare to see this, as gamers from Military Base can conveniently turn up behind you.

Bunker 06: Bloc 18 (not easily accessible throughout period 2)


To situate Bunker 06, head southeast of Salt Mine (formerly Quarry). You’ll discover a big train passage to its left — see to it you don’t perplex both. Bunker 06 is simply over the train passage, to its left. You’ll locate it outside.

Bunker 07/Bunker 08: Karst Bridge


This is the various other collection of 2. You’ll locate them northeast of the Stadium, however beware, as this is a high-traffic location. This collection resembles the layout of Bunkers 02 and also 03. Bunker 07 is discovered in the smaller sized structure, and also you’ll require to drop some actions to situate it. Bunker 08 remains in the bigger framework, and also you’ll need to enter it and also drop a ladder. The shelter doors are appropriate throughout from each other. It’s ideal to stay clear of these 2 shelters preferably considering that they’re discovered in such a hectic location.

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Bunker 09: Zordaya jail complicated


Just northeast of the jail, you’ll locate Bunker 09 on the side of a high cliff. This shelter door is outdoors, to the eastern of the big bridge that departures the jail.

Bunker 10: Styor Spomenik


Bunker 10 lies west of the last, near the big spiral stairs that ignores the park. You’ll locate it simply off the highway that results in Downtown. The shelter entry belongs to a bigger framework, so enter it and also drop some staircases to locate the door.

Bunker 11: Bloc 23


The 11th and also last shelter remains in the much north area of the map, northwest of the Military Base. You’ll locate it outside on the side of a high cliff, to the north of the station house. This was formerly just easily accessible by resolving the Morse Code puzzle, today that none of the shelters come, we’ll need to await a future upgrade to enter.

Rebirth Island shelter


The renowned shelter at Rebirth Island continues to be in the Headquarters location adhering to the Season 3 upgrade. You made use of to need to finish a sophisticated Easter egg to access to this shelter, however, right now, it’s uncertain if this procedure is still the very same adhering to the current upgrade. Based on our screening, we were incapable to situate the brief-cases required for the Easter egg, so it’s most likely it has actually been altered. We’ll remain to upgrade this blog post as we locate even more info regarding the Rebirth Island shelter.

What various other tricks exist?


Across Verdansk ’84 are a handful of teases towards possible brand-new tricks, specifically if you see the Salt Mine location. As component of the introduction of Verdansk ’84 map on the Call of Duty internet site, Activision points out that these entryways are “currently sealed,” suggesting that they will certainly be opened up at some time in the future. It’s unofficial if this holds true, however the doors are simply asking to be opened up, and also it’s most likely we’ll learn what’s past them quickly.

Aside from that, there are a couple of gated locations around Salt Mine that you can consider, each with a passage that diverts off sideways, concealing what it includes. The mine on the west side of the map near to Airport likewise has a little passage with debris that appears to be obstructing a course that may be exposed in the future. In short, Verdansk ’84 has a lots of tricks that will possibly be revealed as the video game obtains upgraded.

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