Google Lens faster way is evaluated on Pixel Launcher search bar

Google Lens shortcut is tested on Pixel Launcher search bar

Playing the video game of music symbols, for some Pixel customers Google quit the songs with the Google Lens symbol on the Pixel Launcher search bar to the right of the Assistant symbol. 9to5 Google uploaded an image revealing specifically what the search bar appears like with the Lens route being evaluated. Google Lens makes use of picture acknowledgment innovation designed by Google to reveal particular attributes concerning a products it determines.
Tapping the Google Lens symbol takes the customer straight to the Google Lens application. There is a comparable symbol in the Google Search application’s search bar that occurs to do the very same precise point. The examination that Google is keeping up the Lens symbol’s positioning in the Pixel Launcher search bar has actually been found just by those joining the Android 12 Developer Preview which lately had its 3rd launch.

A Google Lens based “translate” switch has actually appeared on Android 11’s screenshot UI beside the sneak peek located in the left edge of the screen. This function has actually likewise been located in the Recent Apps sight on the Android 12 Developer Preview.


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