The Best Theragun to Buy (as well as Other Great Massage Guns)


Massage weapons, or percussive treatment tools, assistance loosen up as well as sooth aching muscle mass, whether you’re a professional athlete or simply stooping over a workdesk all the time. 

Theraguns (made by Therabody) often tend to be the very best massage therapy weapons. We’ve checked a number of the latest designs, as well as numerous of the extra cost effective choices readily available. Our faves are below, in addition to what we found out speaking with a physiotherapist as well as sports instructor to see exactly what these tools are doing.

Updated April 2021: We’ve included Therabody’s 3 Wave Series roller tools, plus the SKG F5, an alternate massager with warmth. 

Medea Giordano is the lead customer for this overview. Jess Grey as well as Julian Chokkattu likewise checked some tools.

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  • 4 different theraguns

    Photograph: Therabody

    What Does a Percussive Therapy Device Do?

    What the Experts Have to Say

    Jacklyn Plonski, an outpatient orthopedic as well as pediatric physiotherapist, compared percussive treatment tools to making use of a foam roller or obtaining a specialist physical therapy treatment. Here’s what she needed to state:

    “As we exercise and challenge our muscles, we cause breakdown within the muscle fibers, which in turn stimulates muscle growth and regrowth, hypertrophy (increased muscle size), and strength. Mechanical stimulation of a muscle [with a device like the Theragun] causes increased blood flow and the release of histamines to the stimulated area. What this does is allow the increased blood flow to decrease the inflammatory response, decrease muscle soreness, and break up knots in athletes’ musculature.”

    Shelby Milne, a sports instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, states professional athletes there advocate Theraguns as well as have actually utilized them for both pre- as well as post-training. (They presently make use of a various brand name of percussive treatment tools.) “The oscillations can also act as a warming modality for the muscles and tissues before the activity,” she states.

    While Plonksi has actually seen unscientific proof sustaining making use of a Theragun, as well as no obvious unfavorable impacts, she advises constantly speaking with your medical professional prior to attempting something brand-new such as this.

  • Photograph: Therabody

    Best (as well as Quietest) Theragun

    Theragun Elite

    The Theragun Elite softened my muscle mass like absolutely nothing else. With the best foam pointer, also on its cheapest rate setup, it had the ability to ease deep cells discomfort as well as muscle mass stress with simply a couple of mins of usage. The application assimilation makes it very easy to produce as well as keep massage therapy regimens for repeating pains, as well as it’s remarkably peaceful. (It’s Therabody’s quietest gadget.)

    It does not have a turning arm, however it does not require it. The triangular layout enables you to place your hand nonetheless you require to for getting to back as well as neck muscle mass. It includes one battery, rather than the Pro’s 2, however our customer, Jess Grey, obtained regarding 2 hrs of usage out of every cost, which was long sufficient for numerous sessions, considering that she hardly ever utilized it for greater than 10 or 20 mins at once.

    40 extra pounds of stress as well as includes 5 add-on heads

  • Photograph: Therabody

    Best for Serious Athletes

    Theragun Pro

    The most pricey of the lot, the fourth-generation Pro is the type of gadget utilized in an university’s sports division or by a specialist sporting activities group. It makes use of 60 extra pounds of pressure at a selection of rates. That may seem like a whole lot, as well as being a non-athlete, I (Medea) was horrified to attempt this initially, since I made sure it would certainly hurt, however it’s exceptionally valuable for relaxing my persistantly aching back. It’s not like 60 extra pounds of boxing—even more like 60 extra pounds of fascinating massage therapies.

    It’s the just one in Therabody’s schedule with a turning arm, that makes it simple and easy to make use of on any type of place that would typically be uncomfortable to reach on your own. It has an OLED display so you can conveniently see the degree of pressure, as well as it’s the only gadget that includes a foam pointer for delicate locations. The Pro has 2 outside batteries, as well as each can last 2.5 hrs. It’s not quiet, however it’s not so loud that it’ll wake your next-door neighbors if you require to utilize it in the evening.

    60 extra pounds of stress as well as includes 6 add-on heads

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