Opinion – The Olympic Video games as a Reflection of World Energy

What is a good energy, and particularly, what can outline a terrific energy? It is a tough and sophisticated query many nice thinkers and practitioners within the discipline of worldwide relations have tried to reply. In the end, the character of a doable reply relies upon enormously whether or not one is a realist or a liberal. The talk is non lower than everlasting with nice ‘tutorial powers’ battling, or simply vigorously debating on the very least, in conferences, articles and books on the very nature of worldwide energy – From Kenneth Waltz to Joseph Nye. My argument right here, a lot of which relies on a extra sensible strategy, is that the tally of medals within the Olympic video games can describe the worldwide area and particularly the steadiness or distribution of energy.

In the course of the latest Olympic Video games in Tokyo, Japan, I’ve realized that a component which may outline nice powers and describe the worldwide system is success in sport mega-events just like the Olympic Video games. Regardless that the official Olympic motto is “Quicker, Larger, Stronger – Collectively”, I take a much more pragmatic strategy to this occasion and argue that the Olympic Video games are one other platform on which international powers compete. The Olympic video games could market “togetherness” on the skin, however the video games are nothing greater than an individualistic competitors between nations to indicate each other who dominates the worldwide area – simply with out using power or financial strain.

I argue that the tally of medal counts can recommend which nations are highly effective sufficient to dominate the Olympics and consequently – the world. On 8 August 2021, the final day of the occasion, just one nation gained over 100 medals – the US. Certainly, all particular person and workforce victories by rivals are spectacular expressions of human spirit and perseverance. Those that received, and even those that merely competed, deserve the admiration and adoration of sport fanatics worldwide. Nonetheless, one can’t however surprise how some nations handle to current document breakers and champions by the a whole bunch or by the handfuls and different nations can hardly current one.

What can clarify the success of nice powers within the Olympic Video games and within the worldwide area? Demographic significance may sound as a great rationalization at first, however how can one clarify the UK’s sixty-five medals for its roughly sixty-seven million individuals in comparison with India’s seven medals for over a billion individuals? How can one examine the American lead, with over 300 million in inhabitants, over China which by now approaches one and a half billion individuals? Nations like India and even Israel with its 4 medals is perhaps handled as regional powers as they’ve important army and financial energy, however can they really stand face to face with the best ranked nations?

Ought to energy be measured by the variety of nuclear weapons, plane and tanks? Ought to it’s measured by financial power or cultural enchantment? Can the membership in worldwide alliances be a part of the equation? The reply is complicated, energy ought to be measured by all these components. However what turns a nation into a terrific energy? As Waltz has put it in his 1979 Principle of Worldwide Relations (p.131), a terrific energy is one which has significance in inhabitants, territory, useful resource endowments, financial capabilities, army power, political stability and competence. I base my argument on Waltz’s insights and assume that useful resource endowments, usually but additionally in sports activities and training, are very important for the evaluation of the worldwide system.

The correlation between medal counts and energy could appear unrelated as people or groups are those that run, swim, leap, grapple, field and sweat for the medals. But, essentially the most prestigious sport occasions can solely be conquered by those that are nurtured correctly. Thus, nations which can’t adequately educate and prepare their representatives have much less assets to spare normally or on sports activities. If a powerful and rich nation can’t allocate assets for the coaching and training of its representatives, it would imply that this nation it by no means sturdy or rich sufficient to dominate the worldwide area or its associated regional area. As an illustration, North Korea and Iran could have house packages or tried to develop nuclear capabilities, however it was achieved on the expense of their residents.

Moreover, medal counts in occasions just like the Olympic Video games or world championships can recommend whether or not a world system is unipolar, bipolar or multipolar (or nonpolar). That’s, a nation’s endowment for sports activities and training, regardless of the various complexities of the worldwide system like financial issues, conflicts and wars and even pandemics, can point out its power. If a nation seeks international hegemony, this nation will try and be victorious not solely on the battlefield or in international markets, but additionally in different and softer occasions just like the Olympic Video games.

The official Olympic creed is “The essential factor in life just isn’t the triumph, however the struggle; the important factor is to not have received, however to have fought nicely.” But, I can’t consider a single nation, massive or small, highly effective or weak, liberal and progressive or conservative and autocratic, that may discover this sentence interesting. Nations search energy and dominance or, on the very least, to have the flexibility of constructing unbiased selections and never be dictated by others.

What can describe the worldwide area and the steadiness or distribution of energy? Students have a tendency to explain the worldwide system by mentioning key occasions in international historical past like wars, crises or peace treaties. I argue that sports activities mega-events ought to be thought of extra severely as every Olympic Video games or a brief sequence of them can describe international shift in worldwide presence and dominance. After World Warfare II, the worldwide area might be described as bipolar with the US (US) and the Soviet Union its key gamers. This bipolar system in fact was divided between the West and the East. It was additionally divided between the 5 sovereign nations which grasped a permanent seat on the United Nations (UN) Safety Council in 1945, making the bipolar system barely much less bipolar and extra multipolar (United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, China, France).

Now, the record of worldwide powers includes the US, Russia, China, the UK and Germany. In 2021, a doable list of ten nice powers, in a descending order, may embrace the US, China, Russia, Germany, the UK (UK), France, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One other doable list can embrace India, Japan, Iran and Israel. These lists are based mostly on financial capabilities or army power. Nonetheless, as I argue, these lists of worldwide powers and thus the outline of the worldwide area could be adjusted extra exactly. If one seeks to know a extra full understanding of the worldwide system one must depend medals, not plane or tanks.

Lastly, allow us to count medals and place nations in a descending order – allow us to describe the worldwide steadiness of energy. This can assist reply the questions of which nation dominates the worldwide area and that are simply behind, respiration down the hegemon’s neck? By the top of those Olympic Video games in Tokyo, essentially the most important international powers are the US, China, Russia, the UK and Japan, on this order. Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France are simply behind. Because it appears, the US, China and Russia nonetheless dominate the worldwide area. Moreover, not solely a medal depend can describe regional arenas as nicely, however it may well additionally describe the worldwide area extra exactly by combining the variety of medals in every alliance.

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