Options to Half Your Strengths and Weaknesses For the duration of A Job Interview

You’re sitting throughout from a hiring supervisor, and even worse, a bunch of contributors interviewing you for a map, and the dreaded place apart a question to comes up…

“What are your weaknesses?”

You use what seems to be like admire an eternity battling within your possess head, “Develop I reveal them I’m as soon as rapidly slack or that I raise points too for my fragment?” sooner than deciding on a response that makes you groan: “I factual care too appreciable and I work too onerous.”

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Whereas that place apart a question to isn’t attainable to be left off the interview guidelines anytime quickly, you perceive it’s attainable coming and will per likelihood maybe per likelihood properly make use of a while in self-reflection sooner than your subsequent interview, in order that that that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably reply it truthfully and respectfully. Its sister place apart a question to, “What are your strengths” is coming as neatly, so it’s best to be ready ahead of time.

What are strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths are a mutter of skills or character traits you’ve that allow you to in finishing up your duties in a productive and ambiance good blueprint and design you a out of the unusual candidate for a job. Weaknesses are traits or shortcomings that when left unchecked, could per likelihood maybe per likelihood properly hamper your functionality to fabricate your job neatly.

It might per likelihood maybe per likelihood furthermore be advanced to toot your possess horn at some point of an interview. Much more grand, is discovering a steadiness between being splendid about a few of your shortcomings, with out turning the hiring supervisor off to the muse of hiring you.

Exhaust a while sooner than each interview (and ideally sooner than you bear in mind) to resolve what your strengths are and weaknesses are. That’s best carried out throughout the beginning as self-reflection, on the alternative hand, that that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably at some stage are in search of to enlist the attend of contributors shut to you. This may occasionally per likelihood maybe per likelihood properly furthermore be asking pals, family, or somebody that that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably have gotten labored with throughout the previous for suggestions.

You would possibly operate a file of your strengths and weaknesses, and, when it’s time to bear in mind for a job, tailor your responses to its specific skills. You would possibly furthermore make use of a while researching the agency itself, realizing its tradition, and determining which of your strengths could be most extremely valued.

Fortuitously, you don’t should reinvent the wheel in the case of your strengths and weaknesses. There are a sequence of no longer new (and relatable) traits that that that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably fragment with attainable employers.

Strengths and Weaknesses Record

Don’t know the place to begin? Exhaust a peep at these strengths and weaknesses examples, and choose which best describes you. Private in concepts that proper here is a file of “gentle skills” which might maybe pertain to any trade and map. Wanting on what place you’re making use of for, that that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably furthermore should fragment your knowledge of specific instrument functions and on-the-job journey.


  1. Accuracy
  2. Attentive
  3. Readability
  4. Conciseness
  5. Creativity
  6. Choice
  7. Self-discipline
  8. Dedication
  9. Empathetic
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Flexibility
  12. Tall listener
  13. Honesty
  14. Arduous-working
  15. Fashionable
  16. Negotiation Skills
  17. Optimistic
  18. Group Skills
  19. Affected person
  20. Posthaste learner
  21. Respectful
  22. Staunch
  23. Time-administration
  24. Group participant
  25. Versatility

Strengths and weaknesses list


  1. Blunt and brazen communicator which might maybe flip some folks off
  2. Extraordinarily excessive of self
  3. Want time to change to trade
  4. Perfectionist (which generally design it onerous to delegate duties)
  5. Procrastinator
  6. Gradual to originate rapport with coworkers or subordinates
  7. Skittish in unique situations
  8. Wired beneath stress
  9. Too delicate to the wants of others which generally permits others to control you

strengths and weaknesses examples

Management Strengths and Weaknesses

Whereas there are a whole bunch similarities, administration strengths and weaknesses cover a large fluctuate of skills. Exhaust into consideration the various duties you’ve as a frontrunner, primarily motivating and managing workers on a each single day basis, in location of being accountable for factual your possess work. Exhaust into consideration these make of no longer new strengths and weaknesses examples for leaders and executives.

Management Strengths

  1. Obsessive about their work.
  2. Able to know the wants and emotions of others.
  3. Beautiful self-administration skills.
  4. Large verbal trade skills (in conjunction with listening).
  5. Able to encourage and encourage others to fabricate their best work.
  6. Happy making choices swiftly.
  7. Prepared to be held accountable for his or her choices and their actions.

Management Weak spot

  1. Taking suggestions for my fragment.
  2. Too centered on the tip goal that workers’ wants journey unheard.
  3. Overly indignant by being preferred.
  4. Unable to delegate accountability which lastly leads to burnout.
  5. Disrespectful perspective in course of workers.
  6. Uncomfortable verbal trade skills.
  7. Apprehensive of creating the contaminated determination, which lastly leads to making no choices in any respect.

For fogeys that look your self in any of those weak level examples, it would be time to gaze mentorship or training, and fabricate some soul shopping to resolve why you lack in these areas.

Options to Half Your Strengths and Weaknesses For the duration of a Job Interview

Now that you just’ve reviewed many glossy traits and decided which of them best assume who you might be, it’s time to dig deeper. Question your self a wished place apart a question to… “Why?”

Doable employers don’t want a file of fancy phrases, they’re in search of to get to know you by realizing how these traits have served you on your earlier work journey. As an example, as a substitute of asserting, “I in reality have supreme negotiation skills,” comment, “I’ve primitive my supreme negotiation skills to work with unique and unique distributors to scale back our raw matter supplies prices by 52%.”

Paint them a picture of your skills in flow into and reveal them a (upright) memoir they’ll endure in concepts neatly previous the leisure interviewee has left the constructing. When telling a narrative, endure in concepts to incorporate:

  1. What “life” regarded admire sooner than the inciting incident.
  2. The issue you confronted.
  3. Numerous makes an attempt you made to restore the bellow.
  4. What ultimately labored.
  5. How life takes care of the incident.

This doesn’t could per likelihood maybe per likelihood properly silent be an story unique, factual a brief description of what was occurring and the blueprint you had the strengths to persevere.

For sure for some, that that you’d be capable to per likelihood be reaching for a unique map with unique duties. For fogeys that already know you’ve the strengths they’re purchasing for, however haven’t had the chance to make use of them on your most modern job, be splendid. That that you’d be capable to per likelihood presumably comment, “I haven’t been able to make use of this talent in my earlier employment, on the alternative hand, I peep ahead to the utilization of it extra if you happen to to resolve to hire me.”

You furthermore have the choice of sharing a narrative out of your internal most life at some point of which you primitive this talent. Upright be apparent to take care of it reliable, acceptable, and related to your required place.

By intention of speaking your weaknesses, attainable employers are in search of to know that you just acknowledge your shortcomings and are actively working to vary actual into a better model of your self. You’ll are in search of to be splendid and imminent whereas creating context round your weaknesses and exhibiting:

  1. The style you might be working to beef up on this spot.
  2. How this weak level will no longer affect your effectivity throughout the proposed job.

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll furthermore are in search of to handbook away from declaring a humble brag in location of a weak level. “I’m factual so swiftly at my job that it makes others really feel intimidated round me and so it’s advanced for me to connect.” That’s fraudulent modesty and also you gained’t be doing your self any favors.

So there you might be, face-to-face with an interviewer and being requested, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” As adversarial to awe, know that you just’ve taken the time wished to current a secure reply (with supporting proof) to this place apart a question to.

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