KEF’s New LS60 Wi-fi Audio system Are an Absolute Triumph

The ultra-slim profile and internal-set-reliable agreeable belies the power and authority of the efficiency. Throughout the realm of floor-standing audio system they’re minute, however as everyone knows, it’s unhealthy to underestimate the minute man in a combat.

In line with the diamond birthday theme, we kick off our listening with 1961 doo-wop sensation “Runaway,” by Del Shannon, and we’re straight struck by the readability and breadth of the soundstage, with Max Authorized’s Musitron solo stabbing via the combo. 

The audio system present unbridled enjoyable and baggage of enthusiasm. That will originate them sound like a Labrador pet, however they’re extra harking back to that buddy whose tireless pursuit of latest and thrilling monitor is unavoidably infectious.

Equally, if the Tidal Grasp recording of Elvis Presley’s 1961 chart topper “Are You Lonesome Tonight” doesn’t lunge away you misty-eyed and looking out for to offer your nearest and dearest a cuddle, correctly, you’re merely now not human. The LS60 Wi-fi’ flawless execution places you on the coronary heart of the recording, enveloping you superbly, and regardless of the less-than-demo-room-ideal speaker positioning on this reviewer’s ordinary residing residing, the sweet area become as quickly as gigantic, nearly to the extent of nonexistence.

John Coltrane’s 1961 recording of “My Approved Points,” additionally a Tidal Grasp, once more highlights the speaker’s capability to unbox a recording with subject precision. In report to be able to deal with Elvin Jones’ drumming or McCoy Tyner’s piano, that it’s in all probability you may maybe, or lawful loosen up, faucet your toes, and bathe within the brilliance of all of it.

No matter we carried out via them, the LS60 Wi-fi delivered, and we’re in scare of how correctly the slender audio system can handle bass. Each thud, thwack, and wallop comes at you relentlessly, and regardless of the birthday-themed ’60s thread, we pace you to play hours of early ’90s drum & bass via them.

Are they in indeniable fact that lawful? Excessive-quality, however we caveat this assertion with a number of features.

Firstly, we skilled occasional dropouts within the sign between grasp and slave speaker. The secondary speaker would glitch and drop the sign for a number of seconds, regardless of being no higher than 3 meters away. We think about proper here is an early machine glitch, but it surely is able to flagging.

And secondly, whereas the audio system are neighbor-botheringly loud and sound splendid when pushed, we did acquire this excellent pretty diluted when archaic for informal, and a whole bunch quieter, hear-your self-judge listening.

We additionally took relate with amount sensitivity utilizing the app or Spotify/Tidal Be a part of. The touchscreen isn’t agreeable ample, and it’s too easy to go from hushed reverence to plump-on rave. The amount adjustment may be very far more lawful in the event you make the most of the distant help watch over, however given our ordinary propensity for laziness, it’s smartphone or nothing.

Is There Any Opponents?

What is the query for energetic floor-standing audio system? There’s unquestionably now not invaluable within the method of rivals, however. Q Acoustics Q Energetic 400 (£2,299) is the precept, albeit quirkier greater than just some, with Dali and ATC each providing impressively reviewed however ageing selections. 

There’s the hefty “bookshelf” Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo for £3,999, Linn’s splendid however overpriced single £3,000 Sequence 3, or that it’s in all probability you may maybe revert to KEF’s personal LS50 Wi-fi II, which at lower than half the price are compact and stylish as hell, and supply nearly each little factor most of us might maybe realistically search recordsdata from for in an brisk speaker. No, they don’t sound as spectacular as a result of the LS60 Wi-fi, nor might maybe clear they, however they proceed to be a unbelievable, sophisticated-to-fault greater than just some. 


Attending to train time away from a demo room with audio system as lawful as a result of the LS60 Wi-fi is an absolute privilege. They stand a class apart from the consolation, providing whole connectivity and usefulness with a smile-inducing sound excellent. Moreover they look unbelievable, with a latest, pared-assist agreeable that manages to assuage each the interior clothier and the audiophile. 

Massive floor-standing audio system sound large, however to most, cumbersome cabinets, miles of cable, and limitless dismal packing containers lawful aren’t acceptable. That could be a refreshing antidote to a particular phase relate that KEF has achieved fully.

So, for now, the LS60 Wi-fi is with out issues the perfect energetic streaming speaker machine accessible. Nothing else even comes shut, however at $7,000 they might maybe clear be good, and with unbelievable options from the identical impress accessible at half the price, the inquire stays, attain you despite each little factor want extra?