Probably the most fantastic Xbox controller to take merely now

You’ll additionally not heed it, however we’re dwelling in a golden age of gaming controllers. The gamepads within the market now are better great, extra versatile, and extra customizable than the relief from correct a few console generations in the past. That includes the plethora of third-party selections from the likes of PowerA, Scuf, Nacon, and Turtle Shoreline, in addition to first-party controllers from the console makers. The times of a funds, “petite sibling” controller that regarded frigid however barely labored are over.

Now, that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability fetch from a method of controllers, and concurrently you’re enjoying throughout Xbox and Home windows PC, the an identical chance works for each. So, let’s yelp your console of various is the Xbox Sequence X or Xbox Sequence S. What’s doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic chance for you? Correctly, we examined a complete slew of controllers to look out doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic Xbox controller that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability take.

The recurring Xbox Wi-fi Controller got here away as our excessive completely different, that can also sound evident, however it’s doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic for a bunch of causes — versatility, consolation, and mighty extra. Past that, we’ll stroll you by way of some strengths and weaknesses of diversified controllers able to your consideration, starting from high payment selections recognize the Xbox Elite Sequence 2 and Scuf Instinct Skilled to some great funds picks recognize the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller.

There are, in precise reality, older, discontinued fashions which are mute recognize minded — as Xbox One controllers are ahead recognize minded with the Xbox Sequence X / S — however our point of interest is to e e-book you by way of what to take that’s usually accessible merely now. We’ve purchased classes to attend steer your procuring decision and collect doubtlessly essentially the most shifting one for you, together with customizable selections that may give you a diminutive edge in aggressive multiplayer video video games.

It’s moreover value declaring that these types of controllers may be discounted throughout Amazon’s High Early Safe admission to sale on October eleventh and twelfth — each straight at Amazon or by way of competing product sales at diversified shops.

Easiest Xbox controllers 2022

The standard Xbox controller looks great, feels great, plays great, and is available in cool colors.

The recurring Xbox controller appears large, feels large, performs large, and is obtainable in frigid colours.

1. Microsoft Xbox Wi-fi Controller

Probably the most fantastic Xbox controller for a lot of people

Okay, I already know what you’re considering. “Probably the most fantastic controller for Xbox is the person who contains the Xbox?” That may additionally seem recognize a no brainer, however I mutter you this “recurring” controller truly does web this title as doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic chance for a lot of Xbox avid gamers. It will additionally lack one of the most additional elements that we’ll stride over on high payment selections, however this controller is the distillation of 4 generations and somewhat a few first-party controllers sooner than it — and it displays.

That is the beneficiant low-cost wi-fi chance accessible out there, because of Microsoft’s proprietary wi-fi protocol. Whereas some can also abominate that it comes with AA batteries in station of a built-in rechargeable cell, that moreover method it’s versatile, taking into consideration rechargeable AAs or a battery pack. It moreover works as a wired accent when paired with a USB-C cable, and consumer-replaceable batteries imply you’re not caught with a controller that doesn’t recognize its heed after years of spend.


The legit Xbox Wi-fi Controller has an precise portion button for saving clips and screenshots and sharing them on-line, Bluetooth strengthen, and a USB-C port for charging up Microsoft’s play-and-heed rechargeable battery.

However the recurring-enviornment Xbox pad isn’t correct large because of its connectivity. The {hardware} itself is great for the controller’s $60 asking heed. The sticks, buttons, triggers, and the sunken dish-formed D-pad all indubitably really feel impeccably tight, with the latter having a wonderful clickiness to it. Within the occasion you’re a hardcore scuffling with sport fan, that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability be better served by an arcade stick or a controller geared in path of that mannequin — one with an impeccable D-pad recognize Hori’s Horipad Skilled — however the Xbox Wi-fi Controller is an distinctive jack-of-all-trades.

AA batteries may not be ideal, but you can also use add-on rechargeable packs, like this one from Hori.

AA batteries additionally cannot be ideally succesful, however that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability moreover spend add-on rechargeable packs, recognize this one from Hori.

Attention to detail: Microsoft color matches the light-up Xbox button to the controller.

Consideration to ingredient: Microsoft color fits the gentle-up Xbox button to the controller.

Probably the most useful pronounce it indubitably lacks in comparison with pricier selections are additional, customizable buttons and software program program tuning for points recognize stick sensitivity, although Microsoft does supply magnificence customization by way of its Xbox Fabricate Lab, which ranges from $69.99 to $99.94 looking on the configuration. There’s masses to understand about these controllers, whether or not you web your possess or make a selection one from the various colours Microsoft continues to provide.

PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller is quite a great bargain, with all kinds of colors and unique designs.

PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller is very an enormous bargain, with every kind of colours and spellbinding designs.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Probably the most fantastic funds controller for Xbox

Within the occasion you’re procuring for an enormous controller however you don’t grasp numerous cash to spend — and also you don’t ideas a cable — PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller affords an impeccable heed with out sacrificing too mighty. Its elephantine retail heed is $37.99, however some colorways can dip as petite as round $25. Talking of colours, the Enhanced Wired Controller is accessible in a profusion of hues and designs, together with licensed ones from sport franchises recognize Mass Attain and Fallout. These types of designs can also web you think these are low-heed, cringe-inducing knockoffs, however the great of the controller can also shock you concurrently you occur to spend it.


The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a finances-minded wired controller for Xbox and PC that connects by intention of Micro USB and elements two customizable buttons on its rear. It’s provided in a great deal of completely different colours and licensed designs.

First off, let’s web its beneficiant draw back out of the intention: it makes spend of a Micro USB connection (faulty, I do know). You not decrease than web a prolonged, removable cable with it, however not having a reversible connector is annoying. Fortuitously, nothing else about this controller feels so outdated. Its influence great is legitimate elegant, and it even has two mappable rear buttons constructed into the grips — which is big to understand on the type of low-heed heed level.

The relief of the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a whole bunch of desk stakes, however it executes each little factor somewhat successfully for a ridiculously low-cost heed. PowerA omitted impulse set off rumble, however when there’s any function to low-heed out on, I’d yelp that’s the merely completely different. On the flip aspect, the Enhanced Wired Controller comes with a two-one 12 months guarantee, which is twice so long as costly selections recognize Microsoft’s Elite Sequence 2 supply.

The customizable rear buttons are easy to operate without getting in the way.

The customizable rear buttons are straightforward to function with out getting within the intention.

If only this controller had USB-C instead of Micro USB.

If handiest this controller had USB-C in station of Micro USB.

PowerA affords a whole bunch of bang-for-your-buck with the Enhanced Wired Controller concurrently you’re on a good funds. It’s moreover value declaring that as quickly as that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability even grasp a bit extra to spend, the PowerA Fusion Skilled 2 is one different large controller that punches above its weight class. The Fusion Skilled 2 appears a bit recognize an imitator of Microsoft’s Elite Sequence 2, however its elephantine heed of $89.99 typically drops as petite as $62.99. That is one to go for concurrently you’re procuring for a high payment controller with added elements, recognize 4 rear paddles and rubberized grips, however that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability even grasp a funds nearer to a venerable Xbox controller.

The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 also offers great value for those seeking premium features but still on a budget.

The PowerA Fusion Skilled 2 moreover affords large heed for these looking for high payment elements however mute on a funds.


The PowerA Fusion Skilled is an low-cost completely different to the Xbox Elite Sequence 2 controller. It comes with swappable sticks, mappable rear slide buttons, friction rings, and a zip-up case. This wired controller moreover has a 3.5mm jack for participating in with headphones and connects by intention of USB-C.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is made from premium materials but has a nice, subdued aesthetic.

The Xbox Elite Sequence 2 is manufactured from high payment affords however has an important, subdued lovely.

Probably the most fantastic high payment controller for Xbox

The Xbox Elite Sequence 2 controller is Microsoft’s fancied-up, high payment model of the inventory controller. It’s moreover older, having been launched a one 12 months sooner than the Xbox Sequence X / S consoles arrived. So whereas it does sport a USB-C port and wi-fi strengthen, it lacks the useful Half button came upon on essentially the most trendy Xbox Wi-fi Controller. Then over once more, it makes up for that in droves with distinctive influence great, additional buttons, consumer-swappable sticks and D-pad, and masses customization.

Within the occasion you want up an Xbox Elite controller, you straight peek the great of affords construct into it. The arrange the recurring controller makes spend of an unassuming plastic influence, the Elite mixes greater great plastic with rubberized grips and bits of steel. Mix this with its built-in rechargeable battery, and the Elite is noticeably heavier than its decrease-heed brethren. It moreover comes packaged with a charging dock and zip-up case with passthrough charging.


The Xbox Elite Sequence 2 is effortlessly one in every of our present controllers at The Verge. It’s an enchancment on the already great Elite Controller, with deep customization, non-mandatory rear slide buttons, and a swappable D-pad and analog sticks that imply that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability tailor its construction to check your play mannequin.

As great as a result of the match and influence are, the principle substances that may give you a aggressive edge are the hair-trigger locks and rear slide buttons. In perception, the hair set off will get photographs off sooner when enjoying shooters, and the rear paddles imply that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability soar, crouch, reload, and so forth., with out taking your thumb off the merely stick for aiming. Then over once more, the spend of that many buttons on the assist of the controller in precise reality takes some adjustment. Or not it’s essential to place collectively distinctive muscle reminiscence, and because it requires dexterity with extra fingers, they’re not for all folks.

These high payment elements attain at a steep heed, too. The Elite Sequence 2 is on the full priced at $179.99, and even although it each so frequently drops to $139.99, it’s mute greater than twice as costly as a recurring Xbox controller. Or not it’s essential to actually want its additional elements and shopper customization, and concurrently you’re not the spend of its rear paddles or the software program program modifications for stick sensitivity, you’re not getting you cash’s value. Then over once more, Microsoft just lately launched a stripped-down “Core” model for $129.99, for a reasonably extra low-cost resolution to web into an Elite. It will be large concurrently you just like the white-and-black witness, however procuring the non-mandatory $59.99 equipment pack to check the Sequence 2’s loadout makes the Core $10 extra.

The metal, dish-like D-pad is a small work of art. Sadly, however, it’s a far cry from the best D-pad around.

The steel, dish-appreciate D-pad is slightly work of art work. Sadly, nonetheless, it’s a lots shout from doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic D-pad round.

The four removable paddles on the rear sit beneath the trigger locks and charging dock pins.

The 4 removable paddles on the rear sit down under the set off locks and charging dock pins.

That it’s probably you may properly grasp to moreover favor into memoir that the Elite has a bit a recognition for lackluster great once more a watch on, with scare tales from prospects about going by way of a pair of replacements under guarantee. Microsoft extended the controller’s guarantee from 90-days to a one 12 months in unhurried 2020 to attend deal with considerations, however procuring an Elite Sequence 2 can also mute mute indubitably really feel recognize a reasonably unhealthy proposition. Then over once more, concurrently you occur to nail that supreme sequence — switching to your pistol and landing a headshot with a brief pop-pop of the hair set off whereas your thumbs cease firmly planted on the sticks — it should indubitably really feel value it.

Scuf’s Instinct Pro is ultra-premium and very customizable — for an added cost.

Scuf’s Instinct Skilled is ultra-top payment and intensely customizable — for an added heed.

4. Scuf Instinct Skilled

A supreme pricier runner-as lots because the Elite

The Scuf Instinct Skilled finds itself in a bit a irregular station, as a result of it’s the beneficiant wi-fi chance from a third get together, however it’s by a long way doubtlessly the most expensive Xbox controller round (it begins at $199.99). The one I examined clocked in at $263.91 with a selected faceplate and added color accents. That’s greater than the Xbox Sequence S each so frequently sells for, which is a complete console. Nonetheless, you’re in for a take care of concurrently you’re elated with spending that type of cash, as a result of the Instinct Skilled is arguably better than Microsoft’s Elite in some very insist methods — primarily, its consolation and implementation of rear buttons and hair triggers.


Scuf’s Instinct Skilled is its high-tier controller for Xbox consoles and PC. It is miles the beneficiant third-party wi-fi chance round, and for its very excessive heed, you web rubberized grips, built-in mappable rear slide buttons, hair-trigger locks, swappable sticks, and consumer-configurable cosmetics.

The Instinct Skilled has very spellbinding rear buttons, and I indubitably favor them. As an completely different of paddles, there are 4 rocker-appreciate buttons constructed into the controller’s physique that you simply push in path of or away out of your hand with a middle finger. It mute requires teaching your thoughts a bit to web accustomed to it, however I came upon them extra intuitive.

Rear buttons aside, the Scuf’s diversified colossal function is its hair triggers, which grasp the quickest response of the full controllers examined right here. Staunch flick a metamorphosis on the assist, and the left and simply triggers indubitably really feel recognize you’re clicking a mouse — it’s extremely gratifying. The hair triggers, rear buttons, and the great textured grip enviornment materials on the controller’s underside stride a beneficiant distance to web this controller a pleasure to make spend of.

The magnetic faceplate and sticks are easy to pop off and swap out.

The magnetic faceplate and sticks are straightforward to pop off and swap out.

Scuf’s rear rocker buttons and textured rubber grips are intricately detailed.

Scuf’s rear rocker buttons and textured rubber grips are intricately detailed.

The Instinct Skilled feels recognize Scuf truly hot-rodded a inventory Xbox controller, however recognize any boutique merchandise, it comes with an enormous heed. Within the interim, it mute makes spend of AA batteries and lacks software program program customization, in checklist mighty as I revel within the spend of it, I’d handiest yelp getting one concurrently you’re dazzling spellbinding about its very insist qualities in any other case you fully love the colorful accents and magnetically swappable faceplates on Scuf’s configurator.

The Nacon Revolution X looks a little cheap at first, but its premium features are steeped in deep customization.

The Nacon Revolution X appears a bit low-heed initially, however its high payment elements are steeped in deep customization.

5. Nacon Revolution X

Probably the most fantastic customizable controller

RIG’s Nacon Revolution X may be able to an award for ugly naming, however its correct strengths are in its deep customization. Within the occasion you’re the sort that likes to with out finish tinker with numerous detailed settings, right here is the controller for you. Typically priced at $99.99, the wired Revolution X and its added elements don’t attain low-heed, however the related value is a bit fairer concurrently you occur to suspect concerning the competitors it squares up in opposition to.

Within the occasion you first favor up the Revolution X, it seems to be like very unassuming — and borderline low-heed. Whereas it’s not a looker, it’s a plan follows function type of controller. It’s snug to make spend of, and its 4 rear buttons constructed into the grips are large and successfully contoured. The correct stars of this mutter, nonetheless, are the analog sticks and their software program program customizations, in addition to the massive personalised selections for diversified inside workings of the controller.


The RIG Nacon Revolution X is a wired controller for Xbox consoles and Home windows PCs that affords a slew of detailed software program program customization selections. It’s moreover purchased 4 customizable rear buttons, adjustable sticks, and non-mandatory weights to insert into the grips to current it extra heft.

Whereas diversified consumer-customizable controllers grasp three shopper profiles that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability swap between on the soar, the Revolution X has 4 — plus a “traditional” mode with commonplace settings and a hoop of RGB light across the merely observe remind you what mode you’re in. The software program program app simply is not doubtlessly essentially the most consumer-superior, however the controls stride very in-depth. Fortuitously, there are lifelike initiating elements with presets for arcade scuffling with video video games, racing, FPS video video games, and even sniping. It makes it mighty easier to like concurrently you occur to can also grasp examples for diversified genres of video video games. Add the flexibleness to customise and remap each button on the controller, in addition to a Dolby Atmos for Headphones app license, and also you’ve purchased numerous customization selections.

The rear grip covers open up to allow the optional weights to be added.

The rear grip covers comment in confidence to permit the non-mandatory weights to be added.

The controller, cable, stick tops, grip weights, and stick rings are all packaged in the included zipper case.

The controller, cable, stick tops, grip weights, and stick rings are all packaged within the included zipper case.

The customization doesn’t finish with software program program, audio, or lighting, nonetheless. The Revolution X comes with ring spacers to change the fluctuate of the analog sticks, too, in addition to a sequence of little weights starting from 10g to 16g, which that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability insert into its grips to current them an additional quantity of heft.

Including up all these elements, you be taught about why the Nacon is the type of giant controller for tinkering. It took me time to heat as lots as a result of it, however upon atmosphere it up the intention I most smartly-appreciated, it made for a terribly compelling controller in a method of sport kinds.

The Turtle Beach Recon controller’s biggest strengths lie in its plethora of audio controls.

The Turtle Shoreline Recon controller’s beneficiant strengths lie in its plethora of audio controls.

Probably the most fantastic controller for shooters

Turtle Shoreline is recognized for its headsets, so it’s miles gleaming that its Recon wired controller elements some robust audio controls. Its strengths indubitably attain into point of interest when enjoying first-person shooters, the arrange its Superhuman Listening to mode tweaks the audio of any wired headset to plan out footsteps and far away gunfire within the combine. At its recurring heed of round $60, and as quickly as promoting as petite as $29.99, the Recon is a reasonably low-cost resolution to finish a petite aggressive edge in multiplayer video video games with out spending successfully over $100 on a controller.

This pad isn’t going to grab any magnificence contests because of all these awkward buttons positioned smack-dab within the heart of its brow, however each physique has a sound motive. There are 4 phases of microphone monitoring, basic sport quantity controls, sport chat quantity combine, 4 EQ presets, 4 programmable modes for mapping the 2 rear buttons, and 4 phases of non-mandatory simply-stick sensitivity modifications. That closing function, dubbed Skilled Objective by Turtle Shoreline, lowers the sensitivity of the merely analog stick concurrently you recognize the simply-hand rear button, taking into consideration terribly little actions recognize sniping, although it’s a bit clumsy to make spend of.


Turtle Shoreline’s Recon Controller is a USB-C-wired gamepad that affords an enormous deal of audio tweaking for wired headsets. Its Superhuman Listening to mode attracts out footsteps and gunfire within the combine, and the 2 rear buttons attend web it large for FPS video video games.

Learning to make spend of all these controls can also sound daunting, however the controller’s hasty-birth e e-book makes it easier. Superhuman Listening to is amazingly lifelike for shooters and value the spend of extensively for video video games recognize Halo Infinite — correct favor into memoir that it’s going to muddy up the soundtrack a bit, in order that that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability are additionally trying to depart it off throughout chronicle-pushed, single-player video video games.

It’s a bit much to take in at first, but these buttons allow for very handy audio controls when using a wired headset.

It’s a bit mighty to soak up initially, however these buttons enable for extraordinarily at hand audio controls when the spend of a wired headset.

The bumpers, shoulders, and customizable rear buttons have an excellent textured pattern that feels great.

The bumpers, shoulders, and customizable rear buttons grasp an great textured pattern that feels large.

Audio controls aside, the Recon lacks like elements recognize hair triggers and swappable thumbsticks, and the D-pad appears recognize the recurring Xbox Wi-fi Controller however pales in comparability. The controller’s plastic influence feels low-heed, however the rubbery grips redeem it with an important and comfy indubitably really feel. As for the sticks, triggers, and additional rear buttons, all of them indubitably really feel tight and quick. Mix that with Superhuman Listening to, and also you’ve purchased an enormous recipe for shooters. The Recon has a bit a studying curve, however concurrently you play ranked fits and heed a reasonably priced wired controller with additional buttons and lifelike audio capabilities, that that it’s probably you may properly in all probability’t stride sinful right here.

Different controllers value vivid about

  • Turtle Shoreline’s newer React-R is a stripped-down Recon that maintains Superhuman Listening to and rear buttons however omits EQ presets, mic monitoring, and Skilled-Objective for a lower $39.99 heed. It’s a sound heed, although I’d favor into consideration PowerA to determine extra or web a Recon on sale.
  • Razer’s Wolverine V2 Chroma is a feast for the ears and eyes, because of very clicky buttons and a strip of RGB lighting alongside the grips. It has extra customizable buttons than any diversified controller (six complete), although their positioning requires reaching, and it’s a bit costly.
  • Briefly talked about above, the Horipad Skilled has one in every of doubtlessly essentially the most fantastic D-pads round. It moreover affords numerous software program program customization at an low-cost heed, however its shoulder buttons are a bit stiff.
  • The Nacon Skilled Compact Controller has one of the most Revolution X’s great software program program customization at a mighty lower heed. It’s moreover one in every of the smallest selections round, although the ergonomics can also indubitably really feel hit or cross over reckoning in your hand dimension.
  • One among the dumbest however loveliest controllers is the Hyperkin Duke. This reissue of the unique Xbox pad is a love letter to the salad days of 2001. It’s correct not large to make spend of for up to date video video games. Fortuitously it comes with a reveal stand, as a result of it’s extra of a collector share.

Photos by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge